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We are leaders in digital transformation and digital twin strategy.

Our network of experts drives enterprise value across digital twin strategy, implementation, management, and optimization.

Our consulting team comprises seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds in engineering, program management, process improvement, digital twin execution, systems integration, risk assessment, and business operations.

We leverage our deep expertise and employ a rigorous methodology, streamlining the path and allocating the necessary resources for the successful execution of digital twin projects for airports, data centers, manufacturers, and other complex industries.

At our core, we bring executive-level expertise bolstered by a dedicated roster of experts in various domains, such as digital twins, 3D visualization, and system interoperability. Our team consists of top-tier subject matter experts who can be scaled as required to meet your specific project, industry, and digital transformation needs.

Executive-level Expertise

We are leaders in digital twins.

TEAM Certifications, Advisory boards, and Committees.

Microsoft Partner
Digital Twin Consortium
Airports Council International
Security Specifiers
SIA New Products + Solutions

Digital Twin Consulting Team

The talent driving our success

Meet our dedicated leadership team who are passionate about delivering exceptional results for your digital transformation.

Kelly Watt, Digital Twin Expert and Digital Twin Consulting Co-founder
Kelly Watt

Co-Founder, Digital Twin Expert

Benjamin Butchko, Risk and Security Consultant and Co-founder of Digital Twin Consulting
Benjamin Butchko

Co-Founder, Sr. Risk & Security Consultant

Hollis Murphy, Senior Consultant and Co-Founder of Digital Twin Consulting
Hollis Murphy

Co-Founder, Senior Consultant

Doug Migliori, Senior Digital Twin Consultant and Expert on Event-Driven Systems
Doug Migliori

Senior Digital Twin Consultant, Event-Driven Systems

Wilson Garcia of Digital Twin Consulting
Wilson Garcia

Advisory Board Member

No matter the initiative, our core approach remains consistent. We tailor the specialized experts, dynamic methods and tools, and digital transformation pathways according to each client’s unique value chain.​