Digital twins for operations and asset management begins with the Strategic Master Plan.

Proven Approach to Digital Twin Solutions

We take a business-centric, needs-based approach to digital twin solutions.

Our approach is value-driven—not dictated by technology—so your digital twin solutions will support business strategies and deliver tangible value.

Digital Twin Consulting begins each engagement with our Discovery process, gaining critical understanding of your business goals and data structures to power our proven Digital Twin Assessment Process™ (DTAP). Our digital twin experts utilize our proven DTAP principles to identify the relevant people, processes, and technologies critical to your successful digital twin solution implementation.

Our Digital Twin Assessment Process

We Design Digital Twin Solutions Around Your Business Needs.


Strategic Master Plan
Phase I

DTAP Strategic Master Plan

Tactical Project Road Map
Phase II

Digital Twin Use Cases & Tactical Roadmaps

Digital Twin Implementation
Phase III

Digital Twin Implementation

Phase II

Digital Twin Use Cases For Success

Our Tactical Project Roadmap approach ensures the effective execution of your digital twin initiatives.

The Tactical Project Roadmap delivers a clear, actionable plan for solution implementation on each digital twin project, including:

Digital twin solution: Tactical Project Roadmap icon
  • Scope
  • Definitions
  • Timelines
  • Budgets
  • Critical personnel & resources
  • Technology requirements
  • Organizational impacts
  • Risks
  • Expected time to value
Digital twin solutions in action for a large critical manufacturing asset.
Digital twin solutions implementation for asset management, predictive maintenance and live sensor data insights.

What’s Next

Program Adoption, Improvement, & Optimization

We specialize in coaching your team through the adoption, improvement, and optimization of your digital twins program.

We can guide your workforce through the challenges of process change to ensure effective use case and digital twin solution adoption. The key is to realize value by focusing on the identified business problems rather than being distracted by the technology itself.

Digital twin solutions: team support and expertise icon.

Different ways we can support you:

  • Ensuring clarity in mission, communication, and buy-in from departments.
  • Ongoing coaching and improvement.
  • Making improvements based on operational challenges.
  • Managing and improving KPIs.
  • Implementing new data sources as uncovered.
Digital twin consulting diagram showing the integration of change management, operations, optimization and engineering/design into a digital twin for the connected worker.