Digital Twin Consulting and the DTAP process are dedicated to guiding digital twin implementation from strategic plan through to adoption.

Kelly Watt & Benjamin Butchko Launch ‘Digital Twin Consulting’ & DTAP Process


Kelly Watt, an expert in digital twins, and Benjamin Butchko, an industry-leading operations risk and security consultant, have joined forces to establish Digital Twin Consulting, a groundbreaking firm focused on guiding the process of digital twin strategic master planning through to adoption. With their combined knowledge and successful track records in digital twin deployments, Watt and Butchko introduce and leverage their Digital Twin Assessment Process™ (DTAP), revolutionizing value-producing digital twin applications across smart cities, energy, utility, manufacturing, transportation, and processing sectors.

Digital Twin Consulting sets a new standard for digital transformation projects by providing executive-level expertise and dedicated resources for comprehensive field-to-finish digital twin strategy, project execution, and adoption. Taking a strategy-focused rather than technology-first approach, the firm prioritizes critical business challenges, delivering tailored, actionable solutions that empower organizations on their digital transformation journey.

“Our approach is adaptive and selective. We take on a limited number of clients to ensure we provide the highest level of expertise and dedicated resources,” said Kelly Watt, Co-Founder of Digital Twin Consulting. “We focus on each organization’s unique needs to establish a common understanding, agreed-upon language, and clarity on valuable use cases for digital twinning”

At the core of Digital Twin Consulting’s services is the Digital Twin Assessment Process™ (DTAP), which serves as the foundation for strategic planning, effective digital twin implementation, and future roadmaps. With a diverse combination of engineering, program management, process improvement, digital twin execution, systems integration, risk assessment, and business operations experience, the firm develops innovative solutions for even the most challenging requirements.

“Our goal is to help organizations analyze how to create business value through data intelligence tied to digital twin solutions,” said Benjamin Butchko, Co-Founder of Digital Twin Consulting. “We conduct comprehensive business value assessments, evaluate digital transformation readiness, identify critical use cases, and develop implementation-ready solutions that drive enterprise-level value.”

Digital Twin Consulting leverages strategic relationships and networks in the digital twin, security, and industrial space to support specific engagements. This allows flexibility to tailor subject matter expertise appropriate for each client while utilizing the proven DTAP™ process to produce actionable deliverables, strategic master plans, and detailed tactical project roadmaps.

Kelly Watt, an accomplished leader in the digital twin space, has worked on major projects in hospitals, manufacturing sites, and global airports to drive successful strategies and overcome challenges. He is an active contributor to the Digital Twin Consortium, the Airport Council International, and the Security Industrial Association, providing forward-thinking insights that are helping shape the industry.

Benjamin Butchko, an expert in security consulting, brings extensive experience in program management, risk assessment, and security master planning to the partnership. He and a co-inventor were awarded a US Patent for their bSMART™ risk assessment process. He serves on advisory boards for, the Bosch ACE program, and the SIA NPS Committee.

Kelly Watt’s dedication to knowledge sharing is evident through his creation of a digital twin course at Mohawk College in Canada. This eLearning course has up-skilled workers from various industries, including manufacturing, municipalities, the resource sector, utilities, and heavy industry. Watt’s contributions extend to speaking engagements and building case studies to showcase prior successes.

DTAP™ was developed by Watt and Butchko, combining their industry-leading expertise with the principles of Butchko’s approach. Butchko’s methodology emphasizes assembling a team of experienced and proven experts, implementing the right processes, and providing independent and unbiased recommendations to meet each organization’s unique needs. Digital Twin Consulting’s DTAP™ methodology encompasses strategic operational needs assessments, data architecture analysis, strategic master planning, tactical project roadmaps, program management, and enterprise program management, ensuring effective solutions to complex digital transformation challenges.

Digital Twin Consulting aims to significantly impact industries such as oil and gas, mining, energy, manufacturing, utilities, aviation, and smart cities where their expertise can improve safety, security, and operational efficiency. The firm’s tailored solutions consider the unique challenges faced in remote and high-risk environments, offering cost-effective strategies without impeding operations.