Wilson García of Digital Twin Consulting, standing in front of his global integration client Worley

Global Integration and Digital Transformation: Expertise Spotlight on Wilson García


Wilson García of Digital Twin Consulting, standing in front of his global integration client Worley
Image of Wilson García by Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Successful global integration and digital transformation projects require a skilled and experienced team. At Digital Twin Consulting, our network of consultants excels in navigating complex challenges, as exemplified by our Senior Program and Project Manager Wilson García. Wilson brings a wealth of expertise to our initiatives, contributing to seamless integrations and driving digital transformation for our clients.

Wilson García, a Javerian graduate and seasoned engineer, has played an instrumental role in numerous global integration projects. With his background as a Systems and Computing engineer and specialization in Engineering Management Systems, Wilson’s expertise is crucial in leading Information Technologies projects at Digital Twin Consulting. His extensive experience in integrating organizations across multiple countries, combined with his deep understanding of diverse cultures, enables him to foster effective collaboration and create a harmonious work environment during complex projects.

Successful Global ERP Integration Management

One of Wilson’s notable achievements was his contribution to the integration between WorleyParsons and Jacobs ECR. Leading a talented team, Wilson managed the decoupling of applications, data, networks, offices, and users from Jacobs’ ECR division. This successful system transformation ensured a smooth transition, maintaining productivity and resources for both companies.

With the goal of integrating over 55,000 users spread across 80 countries into a new ERP system (Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle Expenses Cloud), Wilson spearheaded the initiative as the interface manager. He managed and coordinated relationships with various providers for payroll, social security, pensions, credit cards, engineering applications, project management, and procurement services, ensuring the smooth operation of the ERP on a global scale.

Wilson García Drives Digital Transformation

Beyond ERP integration projects, Wilson’s expertise extends to driving digital transformation and making a positive impact. As an integral part of the Digital Twin Consulting team, he brings his problem-solving skills, continuous learning mindset, and commitment to operational efficiency. Wilson’s contributions empower our clients to achieve transformative outcomes in areas such as construction cost estimation, systems integration, and overall project efficiency.

Digital Twin Consulting leverages the collective expertise of our team, including Wilson García, to deliver impactful solutions for our clients’ digital transformation endeavors. Together, we work collaboratively to drive successful projects, leveraging our knowledge, experience, and commitment to operational excellence.

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