Digital Twins and 3D data visualization for the oil and gas industry.

Kelly Watt Joins Geoffrey Cann’s Digital Innovations In Oil & Gas

In a recent episode of “Digital Innovations in Oil and Gas” with Geoffrey Cann, Digital Twin Consulting co-founder Kelly Watt, dove into the transformative potential of 3D data in the industry. The conversation revolves around leveraging cloud computing and cutting-edge data collection tools like LiDAR and 360-degree cameras to revolutionize asset management and reliability.

Kelly Watt joins Geoffrey Cann's podcast "Digital Innovations in Oil and Gas" focused on "How 3D Data Transforms Oil and Gas Asset Management and Reliability."

The discussion highlights the unique power of visual communication and how it enhances understanding and safety in complex industries. Kelly emphasizes that humans are inherently visual beings, and by utilizing 3D data, companies can transcend traditional text-based communication and embrace a more immersive and comprehensive way of sharing information. This shift from tabular spreadsheets and reports to dynamic visualizations empowers stakeholders to think differently, communicate more effectively, and extract critical insights more efficiently.

Digital Transformation for Oil and Gas: Safety, Asset Management & More

For the oil, petrochemical and gas industry, which operates in challenging environments with dispersed locations, expensive assets, and high-risk conditions, remote access and virtualization of data are crucial. Accurate 3D visualization combined with digital twin technology allows for a virtual replication of processes, enabling stakeholders to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions before executing them in the real world. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to significant cost savings. As Kelly aptly puts it, “The safest job site is the one that you don’t visit.”

The episode delves into the immense potential of 3D data in transforming asset management, knowledge management, and decision-making processes in the oil and gas industry. By embracing visual communication and harnessing the power of 3D data, companies can enhance communication, improve safety, and drive operational excellence in this complex sector.

To learn more about the fascinating insights shared by Kelly Watt and Geoffrey Cann, tune in to the full episode of “Digital Innovations in Oil and Gas” focused on “How 3D Data Transforms Oil and Gas Asset Management and Reliability.”

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