Digital Twin Consulting co-founder Kelly Watt speaks discusses digital twins and visualization at IEEE 2022.

Digital Twins and 3D Data for The Power Industry at IEEE 2022

Digital Twin Consulting Co-Founder Kelly Watt sat down with Alan Ross, Editor in Chief for Transformer Technology, to discuss digital twins, 3D visualization and data integration for the power industry at IEEE 2022 in New Orleans.

Some key points from Kelly during the interview:

“I see two driving forces for the power industry: 1) the enhancement of techniques to work with reality capture and 3D visualization, and 2) big data. So how do we take these two things that can be over complicated, and simplify them? How do we make them operational?… Having a better understanding of utility site conditions is key and critical, especially with remote critical infrastructure. If we have a digital copy of the electrical substation site in 3D that we can rely on, we can collaborate and make decisions and reduce the miscommunications, mistakes and rework.”

“If we can organize information geospatially, meaning how we look at the real world, we can access the data way more efficiently and it increases the ability to function more effectively.”

See the interview below to learn about how reality capture and digital twins are critical visualization tools across power sectors and critical infrastructure applications.